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Latke is our school mascot. She is hypoallergenic and loves kids. 


​Milestones Preschool, based on Manhattan's Upper West Side, was founded and is run by Debbie Landis.

Deb is a certified teacher with a Masters
in Early Childhood Education and a B.A.
in Child Psychology.

For the past 36 years, she has worked
with children in many capacities
as private preschool teacher, Special
Education teacher, nanny, foster parent,
and parent to two grown daughters.

"Deb was wonderful teaching my 4 year old son the beginnings of writing and math. She knew exactly how to teach him at his level and stretch him to think about problem solving from a 4 year old's perspective. Deb is a patient, caring and attentive teacher and I always knew my son was in good hands as I dropped him off daily for preschool...exactly the kind of comfort a mother needs when leaving a "little one" to be cared for by others"

 "In her approach, as a teacher, Deb combines nurturing and structure that are both equally important when working with little kids. She gives them positive encouragement and helps them learn and grow, step by step, every day. For my son, learning with Deb was an excellent preparation to pre-K."


​Melissa is a certified teacher with a B.S. in Early Childhood Education and minor in Disabilities Studies, and a M.S. in Early Childhood Education.

She has worked with children in residential summer camps, Early Childhood Education classrooms, Special Education classrooms as well as in homes as a full time nanny.

 “Melissa created a classroom atmosphere that fostered a safe and nurturing environment for all of the students. Her lessons motivated the children to learn, ask pertinent questions, and make connections to previously introduced concepts. Melissa created an environment for student learning that served the diverse personalities, academic abilities, and behaviors in the classroom. She was able to identify the students’ strengths and weaknesses and planned accordingly."

 “Melissa has done an excellent job of showing that she understands the needs of her preschool students. She plans and implements a curriculum that is developmentally appropriate. Melissa has high expectations for her students. She allows for all to participate and feel successes. Melissa is confident when leading a whole group. She has remained consistent with behavioral expectations. During small group, Melissa is playful and open to students' interests, but aware of goals and expectations. Melissa has proven herself to be a professional in the field of education. She is mature, responsible, and hard-working.”